No one was expecting me to become a Christian, but my mum found Sunday mornings a bit stressful and sent my brother and I to the local Sunday school. In many Anglican Churches, it would have been unlikely that the Bible would be preached as Gods truth but in this one I heard the gospel. Even as a child I knew that I wasn’t good, when I heard that I was a sinner and couldn’t please God on my own, I knew it was true.

Gradually I came to understand that Jesus had died so that sinners could be reconciled to God and I prayed that He would accept me as one of His family.

I have been a Christian now for about forty years, and have found great contentment in knowing that I am a child of the God who rules the universe: life’s shifts and changes can be unsettling but knowing God means that your feet are placed on a rock.

John Pascoe:

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was brought up in a Christian background in Plymouth. I was not a Christain but realised the emptiness of my life and the happiness of Christian relatives, this brought home to me the fact that one day I would have to face God and that I had lived a sinful life so far. I started reading my bible and praying to God to forgive me through the death of Jesus for sins. I became a Christian and was later baptised.

After university I moved to London to work as a government statistician and since 1974 I have lived in Caterham, Whyteleafe and South Godstone with my wife Janet and we have had three daughters. The girls all went to Oxted school.

Janet and I have been attending Pains Hill chapel since 1999 and have found the congregation very welcoming and supportive, and God gives us understanding about himself and how we should live as we read the Bible together and listen to the preaching.

Why don’t you join us at a service?

Linda and Jonathan:

We both come from families where our parents believed the Bible and taught us what it said. However we had to come to a point where we believed the message of the Bible for ourselves and put our trust in Christ.

Like every Christian our aim now is to please God in all that we do. The Bible is our standard it tells us what honours God. It has plenty to say about the big things that concern us from day to day - marriage, the family, work.
One of our greatest wishes is that our children should learn to love God as we do.